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How do I get my site hosted at
Fill out the online form to request hosting.

How do I upload my site to
You don't. Once you're signed up and approved, you e-mail your files (preferably zipped) to the e-mail address you'll be given. They will then be uploaded for you.

How is making money? is not a for-profit venture. Hopefully, its monthly costs will not exceed a minor amount that my wife won't notice. So far, costs include $9/year for domain name, $5/month for hosting, and an occasional bit of time.

Can I contribute to the project?
Yes! Donations can be made via PayPal or by check. Use the contact form if you want to send a check. All donations will be used solely to pay for hosting costs and domain name registrations. If you would like to donate time and talent, let us know and we'll find a way to put you to work. Of course, you can also contribute to a personal fetish: old portable computers.

Another option: take a look at the TechSynthesis website to see if we can help you and your business.

If I host my site at, do you own it?
No. You retain ownership. It's just like hosting with a commercial hosting company, except that in exchange for free hosting you grant the non-exclusive, non-terminating license to permanently archive and publish on the internet all posted information for historical preservation only. That means that we get to host your site even after you get bored with it. You still get to do what you want with it elsewhere.

What if I don't want you to host it anymore?
Ask nicely, and we'll probably take it down.

Why don't you have any info about the computer I'm interested in?
Because no one has done the research to find out about it, built web pages to publish their research, or asked us to host it. If you want to see something that's not here (or elsewhere on the net), feel free to research it, build the web pages, and host it.

I found some info that is incorrect; will you correct it?
No, but I'll bet the owner of the web page in question will. E-mail them if they offer an e-mail address, or e-mail us and we'll try to contact them for you.

Who is behind
Uncle Roger. There's already way more than you want to know about him elsewhere on the net, so that's all we'll say here. Do a web search if you have a strong stomach.

Got a not-so-FAQ?
Contact us to see if we have an answer. home
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